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Sonar Kollektiv was founded in 1997 by Jazzanova. Designed as a platform for our own releases it soon attracted numerous new discoveries and like-minded musicians to release their gems right here.

Still it was never the intention of Sonar Kollektiv to pursue one specific sound or provide an already existing scene. Each and every release on the label (300 and counting) was at all times meant to illustrate the musical taste of the collective, its flavourful development and recollection of past sounds. The various compilations and label showcases played a big part of it. Our catalogue contains all different kinds of music from soul, jazz, reggae, house, broken beat and many more. That's why we want to offer a subscription service to give you the chance to listen to all the music we're releasing and not just one specific genre.

Our subscription service includes immediate download of all back catalogue releases + you'll get all compilations, singles, EPs and album on the release day. On top we'll have special subscriber only content from time to time. AND all subscribers get 25% discount on physical goods.

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